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Clothes define our personality and at times, even our professions. In recent times, the fashion industry has designed itself with respect to the changing tastes of their customers---elite, middle class or fashionistas. Recently, there has arisen a term known as ‘designer clothes’. It was hardly known till the 1900’s. However, today we find designer wear stocked under various prestigious labels at malls and boutiques. So what exactly is designer wear?

Designer wear is a continental and international fashion phenomenon that was done by great artists and historical designers and fashion visualizers at the turn of the twentieth century. Andrew Marc, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Guccio Gucci, Stefano Gabbana, Ralph Laure or Thierry Hermes are names that you probably will see in fashion magazines as brand names these days but these were real-life designers who created artistic and unique garments which were worn by the who’s who of society and especially Hollywood celebrities. Their legacy was carried on in the form of companies that paid artists and designers to paint a beautiful garment and then show it to the customer, upon whose satisfaction the garment would then be manufactured. Thus was born the idea of designer wear and the fashion market of designer labels.

Usually, designer clothes are very expensive and exclusive clothing, not affordable by middle classes. The problem sometimes may also be created by the fact that designer labels need to accessorize with designer clutches or handbags, shoes and equally expensive perfumes. However, if you are a fashion addict and like wearing styles that were on the front page of ‘Elle’ or ‘Vogue’ magazine last month, then you would have to shop for designer labels online. An average fan of designer wear is ready to give away hard- earned money for their treasures of designer sale clothing but there is a cheaper way. Many online shopping sites have brands of designer clothes auctioned off at thruway prices and half the price of the actual item. You just need to be sure that you are buying form a reputed online shopping site as most of these branded clothes are cheap imitations or fakes, put up as real and charged exorbitantly. Alternatively, you could choose to survey the different types of clothes and choose to pay in installments so that it’s easy on your pocket.

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