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Fashion design was first popularized as a part of applied art in major art schools, where the focus was on creating different and beautiful patterns of dress and clothing so as to make them aesthetic. The person who commercially started designing clothes was Charles Frederick Worth, who died in 1895 but his legacy of fashion design and designer clothes was carried on by various gifted artists and fashion designers, in Europe and America. Today, there are several reputed designer labels that hire designers and have loyal customers who buy these exclusive designs, sometimes at exorbitant prices.

Getting branded clothes and accessories can be a luxury but at times, it is worth the price to look drop-dead gorgeous or classy. However, there is also a cheap way to get designer clothes now. There are several wholesale online shops that stock up on designer labels and thus will offer you special discounts and bargain prices if you buy a lot of clothes. These cheap wholesale online shopping stops are your answer to affordable, stylish clothes.

The best part is that you can find affordable designer wear for formal and informal occasions at these online wholesale marts, at discounted prices. They stock up on suits, ladiesí cocktail dresses and menís formals. You will find all the latest styles and patterns online as they keep track of changing fashions, so you will never look out of date, stylishly. However, it is suggested that you find out certain details before choosing to shop at these online wholesale places. Check whether they are selling genuine stuff, not cheap imitations of branded labels. Also, know about fits and cuts of clothing and the materials that suit you so that you do not end up buying designer clothes that are a fashion disaster. Also, check up on shipping charges for the clothes.

These online wholesale stores will give you special rebates and season discounts so check out a few stores for the best deals and then look elegant in various designer dresses and suits purchased from these sites. For a complete range of designer labels and discounted branded wear, check out www.mr-shoes.co.uk.