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There was a continental and international change in fashion wear when designers, visualizes and artists produced highly exclusive and expensive but beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories to match. They were mostly worn by classic Hollywood beauties and actors and later by models. Some of them were even designed at the request of elite individuals, like millionaires and princes. We know these great names today under several brand names---Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Stefano Gabbana, Cole HAnn, Thierry Hermes, Bahama, Ecko or Andrew Marc, to name a few of them. Their later generations in the fashion world developed a unique and profitable system where they got artists and designers to paint and a unique garments which were then exhibited in front of potential buyers. If they liked the exclusive design, they paid for it and the design was translated into an actual garment. The fashion industry was thus born with the idea of designer clothes, designer labels and models showing off designer labels on the ramp.

The fashion designing industry is respected and upheld for the high quality, finish and aesthetic revolutions created by their garments. They use different materials and styles for different seasons and body types, each unique and beautiful in design. However, the major problem with designer clothes is that they are not cheap. If you want to buy an original designer label, then you will not find it in any local store or any departmental store. They are available only in exclusive brand outlets and high-flying stores where you might have to order a piece and wait for it, rather than buy it off the racks. Additionally, you should be prepared to shell out an exorbitant sum of money for a dress and accessories like the matching handbag and shoes for it. The funny part is that many people do not consider them designer clothes until they are impossible high priced.

You need not worry as an average fan of designer clothes and accessories and can get a few of the imitation designer labels online, at a discount these days. For saving money on designer clothes, you can shop online at www.mr-shoes.co.uk.